soon: Sat (17th Jan) … Kid Inventors’ Day

– Uhhhh…. O-M-G?!
– and that’s how little dogs lose noses; or heads
– lol
– almost genius
– WIN!
– plot twist: glass
– LOL – “art!”
– lol Iron-Man needs to get to work
– wow – words have meaning? (…or not?)
– news
– news
– well that took a generation to escalate
– don’t blame the schools. ok blame the schools
– and that ‘s the bicycle lane for upside-down bikes
– good comment
– CISPA reboot?
– when you see the little pond!

Dearest Weird Al Yankovic(h,k,x,sch), could you – would you, please write a song called “I was never a big fan of apple sauce?” P.S. It doesn’t have to be a song about never being a big fan of apple sauce; you can just name it that. It can be about the possibility of extraterrestrial life on Mars, or what a fox says, or Abe Lincoln actually growing up in Colorado – it’s no skin off my back. K-thx-bye.

Got cussed-out at work: end-of-day several-minute search of the area was turning up no necessary paperwork, (which was there just a few minutes earlier), then we gave up to go home. On my way out I thought kinda outside the box, turned to investigate; either my turning to the place reminded one of the bosses or he remembered just moments earlier but was not up to where I was; he was like, “Darn-You!” 🙂 I was never so happy to get cussed-out!
I did ruin some parts in the last of three processes I was to put them through 😦 ooopsss (Will have to look into preventing that again; it’s still not clear-enough to suit me.)

Watching this show on dogs; they’re talking about how they’ve trained border collies how to herd sheep, (instead of teaching sheep how to be-have).