“cat” … “cat”

Jacques is a Parisian 50 years old homeless man http://imgur.com/gallery/VdQze
well that escalated quickly http://imgur.com/gallery/oqelxkj
lol http://imgur.com/gallery/VmqIyto
His face is gonna freeze like that!
fish http://imgur.com/gallery/C6Nk4Do
The extinguishing of an adjacent universe (ROFL) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgDJzj9t5dQ&feature=youtu.be&t=2m5s (plot twist: real baby){“flying baby, balloons, Asian Jesus, wheelchair,” etc.}
lol school for the geniuses http://imgur.com/gallery/fA2Omg8
you’d eat that? http://imgur.com/gallery/NcWFVhC
Shut-up Billy2sweet! http://imgur.com/gallery/D9SoHKu (yes, it is.)
Ah, I still remember the first time I saw this post – BACK IN AUTUMN! http://imgur.com/gallery/zowLXoj
life is hard. http://imgur.com/gallery/5yL9aaW
dinner-time! http://imgur.com/gallery/2L9qqtH

Man I been thinking of this  & the name (“Turning Steel“) lately: “He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man” ~Samuel Johnson
Just what things do we lose when we give up our pains? I keep hearing at work, “leave your problems at home.” Why? Why do money-related things get such special privileges? How would it sound if you went to church & they were like, “we don’t want to hear about your personal problems here.” People are people, and where people are, they should be dealing with each other as people who can learn to understand each other & benefit from one another! When I go get parts from another person, I’m not walking up to them & blathering-off a set of binary-numbers like a robotic, soulless machine; I’m interacting with someone where there is possibility of infinite intricacies. I think it was Tony Campolo who said that the most important thing you bring home with you is not a paycheck [or a pay-stub] – it is your self.

Saw something labeled a “cat” today on the front of what must be a art/design magazine. I realized that what art/design is is making something look so-dang weird that one needs a concomitant description to identify it.

It took me a few decades to realize this, but I finally figured out that the slower one walks through a workplace, the higher one’s managerial position. That is, except for “Steve,” (we’ll call him “Steve” for now). Decades of careful scrutiny shot-down.
Did well at work; at lunchtime we had more than the other crew’s total for the day. The next day we had so-little to do, I spent a full two hours scrounging for anything-at-all to do – even sweeping & cleaning never-before-cleaned machines; or-so it seemed. Then I had work to do for 20 minutes. Then it was back to scrounging for another hour! The day after that, the boss’s boss said that we needed to pick up the pace. IDK. IJDK.
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