officially – “Old Rock (stone) Day”

– Jan. 7: “Old Rock (stone) Day”

– totally wasted
– wow – logic wins…this time!
– future-past WAS changed!
– lol cat-calls
– hot chicks
– that’s why dogs
– cool
– school [or “and that’s why they married back then”]
– that third one!
– Nice that the second Nietszche quote corrects his first
– ROFL, “cars”
– wow – sorry; you have a lot of dads!
– cute
– aww
– NO! It’s a trap!!
– facepalm!!
– plan A: robbery. plan B: ?
– maintenance work is just about through
– Why I don’t follow leaders
error 405, error 406, eroor 470j
– so large even “copy link location” takes 30 seconds!
or you can try this 2.4-minute link-location-copy/paste
– skeptical: middle-finger at lower right looks faky
– I forget
– who could TAKE such a picture?!
– tree
– Organization for Economic or something excluding Mexico “Economic”
– being helped: …to-school or from-school?
– awwww
– and now you know
– aren’t most of them a little-short to be a storm-trooper?
– some geniuses…
– well there you go
– push-ups
urban camo
Kiss-Cam!  , Kiss-Cam!! , Kiss-Cam!!!
– AWWWW! “Dad Recreates Wedding Photos With Daughter”!! (can’t find the link… or the tissues! – bring yer hankee!!)

Work… went ok… ’bout 1,000 parts on-the-dot, I think! Took all the time it could’ve – not one-minute-to-spare!
It’s nice to be training new ppl – it’s a juggling-act – makes things interesting! Told the new girl if she did any better I’d have to set-off fireworks for her! Impressive.

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