new links

– cute
– lol Happy Merry Christmas (how did I know this was coming?)
– science!
– dog!!
– ohh a penny!
– tree
Merry Christmas
– Switzerland’s new tank
– long loogie
– cat-dog “play mode”
– bus stop
– science “sees through walls”
– “you are ruled by criminals.”
– dog
– plot twist: he weighs 10 lbs
– pilot denied flight!
– nice new shiny karma
– plot twist: pics are in reverse & hammer is safely hidden.
– all-too-AWWWWW!!!
– almost laughed noodles out of my nose!
…and her daughter
– science TLDR
– LOL I like that last turn of the wheel!
– professional ambulance driver in action!! (apparently… {{huff}}, one is to use “EMT,” {unless you want to spell it out, then you can use “professional ambulance driver?} hehe)
– just smile & wave
– rejected
– awww