happy Merry Christmas

mmmmmmmmmm (mkay) http://imgur.com/gallery/bgfoLZo
No, that’s yours! http://imgur.com/gallery/o4FF5ji
first thought: “nice legs!” http://imgur.com/gallery/5ocsCVE
$1.36 in science! http://imgur.com/gallery/HatKAiz
Frozen Christmas http://imgur.com/gallery/PzMnMmY
self http://imgur.com/gallery/6JPWk6J
ever buy a piece of trash? http://imgur.com/gallery/PS9ktsk
who’s on top of the food chain here? http://imgur.com/gallery/zDvwCUe
so much for “wishing” and “believing” http://imgur.com/gallery/H65f6
“ALLEGED” cow-killer – sssuuuurrrre it is! http://imgur.com/gallery/63o1xtg {and that was a piece of the sole-surviving tree from Tunguska!}
child http://imgur.com/gallery/ouoFRiW
defeat http://imgur.com/gallery/sFbeyBE
looks cold out – I ain’t goin out there http://imgur.com/gallery/CpLNNSH