“Christmas cheer” or “Christmas near”? (:-))

Thanks: Went out to go to work & heard the birds chirping in the cool/cold air; actually they were bluejays & they were squawking at each other… still nice.

– tru http://imgur.com/gallery/Ly8uoW3

– lol – “guess what it is”

– humanoid or blanket? http://imgur.com/gallery/D3Ne6bJ

– I’m NOT the only one!!! http://imgur.com/gallery/q6vNi0l

– 2 cutes, 3 cutes, 4 cutes, 5 cutes http://imgur.com/gallery/Ri27LcX

– last night’s dream. God I HATE that dream!! http://imgur.com/gallery/uvl9k

– !lady gaga meets reality! http://imgur.com/gallery/GAkrX & http://imgur.com/gallery/TSnaK {edit: alternate link name: “my apologies for the crudity of this model” – well not really, but so seldom do I get to use that quote. It might almost fit}

– favorite dress now an internet sensation http://imgur.com/gallery/N4jt4

– I don’t believe it! No one with legs that small are going to lift that! I can lift that!

– kid’s happy Christmas http://imgur.com/gallery/3gb1stX

– Christmas lesson http://imgur.com/gallery/cNpRWQn

– homeless http://imgur.com/gallery/R8jcXEm

– lol – NO BATH! http://imgur.com/gallery/jTyfucm

– mind-blowing http://imgur.com/gallery/3BHikEN

– lol – me & my dog http://imgur.com/gallery/OokFjav

That’s all for now – 13+hour work-day… (I’m sure I HAD something decent to say); got to make presents, got to have family dinner, got to something something or nother?

Oh yeah – recently saw something on the www ’bout the clit being the ONLY human organ that is ONLY for physical pleasure (I was sure it was an imgur page). I was slightly defensive & jealous but some thought on the subject led me to remember that most guys in the U.S. are circumsized (as little innocent babies), which would most-likely remove a part of them which is just as sensitive. Lookin’ like it’s gonna be a White Christmas Wet-Christmas this year! Copyright 2014