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Work: Found-out that the little empty metal loop intended for holding the pop-rivet gun also holds a pop-bottle for when you’re thirsty!
Product fell on me at work; made me wonder if my nose was bleeding. Hours later I would think-up a way to do it so that would (probably) never happen again.
Went into the restroom at work – at the urinal close to the wall. I was feeling pretty tired, and the wall was only a few inches away, so I just leaned to the side and hoped no one came in right then.
Then I happend to think, well… justhowdoggone-far can a person lean like this, and then what if someone came in right then?!
Got some free cardboard for Christmas gift-crafting. A co-worker got some for his little girl to play with.
My day’s final error-rate was .2% 🙂
I was asked the other day, how to do some of the work I was doing, and I told them that particular part was very easy – as wide as it was; I was about to explain that it was almost as easy as dropping a pencil and having it land on its side!
You know – I just don’t see having a measurement of .08 for what we’re building – but the closer I look and the more I daydream about teaching someone to do this, or make a training video, I swear I can almost see that my measurements are “right-on-the-nose”! 🙂

– modern circuit diagram
– Dirty piece of carpet at the front door; gonna take it to the car wash for the power-washer to wash half of it. Then I’m gonna rent a wet soap vacuum cleaner. Just thinking if a pressure-washer does good-enough & is cheap-enough…
– ROFL – a little joke from the Great Attractor – caused the power-outage of 1924
– ROFL trick! – plot twist: he ate the soap in the fridge first.
– lab report
– see my new home page
– LOL dad
– lol bird
– Vujicic!
– dog digging! then take them back to school
– plot twist: his mouth is full
– eaten alive
– comfy now?
– somehow these are connected: this:  this: and this.

– prison; innocent
– science!! (fails to measure the velocity-increase of a truck)
– Adidas shirt?!? Ohhhh… A.D.I.D.A.S.
– this is me re-gifting
– … waiting …
– gets kinda monotonous after fifteen-to-40 minutes:
– lol milkshakes
– broken cat?
– shiny science
– wendy I can fly!
– “I am Frost”
– broken cat?
– broken squirrel?!

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