all-work, (no-play?)

Why do you never hear someone say, “I got an eyebrow in my eye” Cuz I got something in my eye yesterday, and my first thought was that it was an eyelash, but then I thought it might also be an eyebrow… lash… thingee.

Christmas shopping just before work; thought: “Yeah, I got time for 15-minutes.”

I thought-up a joke tonight. Here – read this to your kids: So Watson says to Sherlock Holmes: So where did you go before Junior-High? Sherlock: Why, elementary, My dear Watson.

I did more than just think up great jokes; two of my bosses complimented me on my work: “Excellent” & “Stand-out” were things they said. It really got me thinking about rethinking old assumptions of yore; maybe I am worth something. (At lunch they said my error-rate was .2% 🙂 …Plus about six mistakes they didn’t know about.)

I thought-up a giant scribble mark & wondered if it might be an alien pareidolia.

I recently wrote of work having one measurement of .8 mm … Well, they’ve upped the ante to .08 mm !! [sic] I couldn’t & wouldn’t make this up!

After awhile of working with these parts, I noticed that some of them had a wobble to them, and it concerned me about its quality, so I asked others about it. Not that wobble is all bad; in fact, often-times I enjoy some wobbly parts!!

Thought-up an awesome awesome new model rocket mode. {Oh! – Duh! [new-thought… kept thinking aerodynamic, aerodynamic, etc.”]} (btw, … decided I like “duh.” (the actual “duh”) – people avoid it like the plague; usually good stuff in such places!)

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