Interesting day at work.

It started with one of the leaders wondering where the other one was, but then, well that’s not important. Then he said something else about some parts that were wrong but not apparent to me, so anyway – not important either. But then he said to …!… have a good attitude about work. And it was like one of those miniature gongs went-off in my head when I translated that thought into: “hey that means a good attitude towards myself!!! ” And I don’t think I’d had such a thought since I was not yet 10-years-old!
Time went by pretty-slowly for a few hours til one of the leaders went home, leaving me a complex list of stuff to do. Problem 1: was that he switched the labels on two containers, and problem B: was that as I finished task #1, I went on to the next one, but the instructions were stuck together; not only this, but that now they had been physically altered to near-meaninglessness. I tried to get things together, but the few instruction books & multiple possible item numbers / part numbers are a spaghetti-bowl minefield of poison meatballs. I asked for help from a second leader who doesn’t really know that area I was in, and his eventual orders would have made things much worse. About that time I had to go to the rest-room; so I went there and thought & cooled-down and decided to over-ride his authority {{a big decision for me – not only did I decide to defy him, but I also decided to risk the flak myself!!}} and do it a different way (I didin’t want him to take the flak, and I had fair-doubt about the possibility of things working-out as they were poised). When I got back to my station I remembered the original boss showing me some finished parts; so I went and got them & compared this & that and decided I had enough evidence that I could easily convince the other that I was on the right track. So I got the small parts done, but was yet unaware that container labels were wrong, and that instructions were damaged. So when I started on steps 2 or 4 or 3, and had made adjustments to at least one machine, and somehow started to doubt things apparent… I took a look at the “parts” book, and looking into the dimensions of the pieces, I started to see inaccuracies. So I went to get another worker who “knows” about as-much as me about the process, and we put this bit together & looked into that part, talked about this, agreed about some things & screamed “I DO NOT CONCUR” about others. We finally got got on the same page as far as we could get things figured.
So we wasted a fair-amount of time & pieces on it, but we got mostly through this little trial-by-fire – better-off (IMO) for it.
Other than that, time crept by pretty slowly; at the end I was watching the clock … 20-til … I did a few parts, looked-up at the clock … 20-til! … did a few more parts, looked up at the clock … 20-til!! … did a few MORE parts, looked up at the clock… 19-til – krimeny!
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