no-news is good

– hard day at work; a big pile of work, hurt, 5-hours of sleep, slightly light-headed & bored… trying to be thankful for everything in general. It started-out with what seemed like an insurmountable heap of work; I got most of the way through it. No extra rest-room breaks, 900ml of extra drink while working. Someone stole my other drink; that’s (almost) okay – I was not really really wanting to drink it anyway (unhealthy stuff) – 1/2 the reason I bought it was for the neat can that they at-least left in the trash – now I can use it to make something neat with!

– weather modification (war)
– dog lol
– awww
– cool
– sports parent
– Korea
– snow cat
– txting while drivng
– calendrrr
– buy buy buy
– cops
– science
– science!…fair project
– mamma
– failblog
– almost like science
– brain-teaser
– tatts

– “pro1127bbtbb127bbtbb oooh” showed-up on the t.v. the other day; anyone know what it means?

– Ooh I came-up with a great idea at work – a race for kids to learn more about inertia … it involves some kind of
very-heavy-object on on swiveling casters. So once they get it going good and want to turn a corner, the have to run out to the side of it and push on it awhile before it starts to turn much. It’s fun!

– As for alternative-sexuality, I would seriously like to apologize for it.*
ROFL – SWIDT? (I used to read Christian apologetics, which lends toward that joke!)
But seriously, (like 100% of other humans), I have things to apologize-for; which I would like to.
(*Hey I’ve done my homework.)

– Watched Superheroes by Michael Barnette. Was pretty-good.

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