Today’s thanksgiving

Death-Star reconstruction begun

– Remember: “We don’t see this often”
– cuddly “teething?” baby
– tv crews carry guns & badges
– I see a lot of blond here:
– Behold – I am the destroyer
– oooh sciency
– It’s so easy to listen!
– love her eyelashes
ice fishin?
– “feral child”?
– a new favorite photo
– “just a stick.”
– can’t be science.
– mmmOM!
– crows play in the snow!
– Odeith art
– cats welcoming soldiers home!
– wow.
– I dream of a galaxy far, far away – far-away from Portland!
– took so long to carve she fell-asleep. plot twist: she still thinks it’s a dog.
– THIS is how you break up with me!?
this picture: …
is here:
– “Wood beats scissors”
– “4/2 dentists agree”
– “lumipesu” “Schneereibe”? “Snevasker”? “mula”? “dynking”? “Eller at blive sulet på Fyn, ja?” (or just “viking children”)
– not sure which is cuter
– science

PBS recently said that people are so-tired of wars that they won’t even go to see war movies; so I guess “prepare for another big “reminder” of being “attacked,” and “why” we should be, (as Major General Smedley Butler might’ve said in his book “War Is A Racket”),… well, never mind; heres a link to it:

Today’s thanksgiving. I’m thankful for: having the chance to teach kids about germs.
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