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– I dropped the shower head; the ceiling got sprayed. I guess we got good water pressure.

– I saw a show on the Canadian Inuit. The narrator said they don’t have a word for “forest fire.” I guess we don’t either.

-So… “Happy Halloween!” http://imgur.com/gallery/h75CDB7
Lol dog
– ROFL cat http://imgur.com/gallery/Iklrr9L
– happy bouncy http://imgur.com/gallery/7l2GRbK
– soccer! http://imgur.com/gallery/leubh8F
– soccer with dog!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgoLZ8gLiyY
– LOL – school http://imgur.com/gallery/jGuiuPN
– if it were real, I’d die laughing! http://imgur.com/gallery/aWbg4QA
– flipping genius http://imgur.com/gallery/eFnoZ
– “adorable” http://imgur.com/gallery/K3wjDo0
– it’s a puppy. it’s a bird. http://imgur.com/gallery/navtBOU

– found these close together in my notes:
http://www.businessinsider.in/Google-Has-Developed-An-Intimidating-Robot-And-Trained-It-To-Do-A-Scene-From-Karate-Kid/articleshow/45106065.cms … & this

http://imgur.com/gallery/1sxAO – WOW – just think – we all came from these people!
#11 – Don’t do it! If you float they’ll just burn you!!!
#17 – SpiderMan’s great-great grandma
#22 – ROFL

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