just more of the same…

“almost” http://imgur.com/gallery/Z6VZo
best or worst http://imgur.com/gallery/YmIuIJo
I crying? http://imgur.com/gallery/hzwTaHz
sciency! http://imgur.com/gallery/9U9jGRb
awww! http://imgur.com/gallery/jihKT
lol banana dropkick
cat skills http://imgur.com/gallery/3bVtuBC
how NOT to put-put your cigs http://imgur.com/gallery/b6i7iKe
the star http://imgur.com/gallery/9ubXrqd
scientific societal
Charlie Chaplin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcvjoWOwnn4
logic http://imgur.com/gallery/8EdwbIF
VETERAN?! http://imgur.com/gallery/v0F6Ebj [could be fake http://www.reddit.com/r/syriancivilwar/comments/2lv7z2/video_purporting_to_show_a_syrian_boy_rescuing_a/ ] {fakery? http://imgur.com/7ZxAw7Y } [stabilized, with sound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_cQ0qseeXc ] longer version; yeah, 91% sure it’s fake… war propaganda: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95LcIHNQnCk
VETERAN http://imgur.com/gallery/rkp08Su
stray cat strut http://imgur.com/gallery/OFiQwO8
the story of this cool barn… http://imgur.com/gallery/b117ujG
down-vote http://imgur.com/gallery/5NErqna
dang grafitti! http://imgur.com/gallery/bghr5
I had a happy birthday sign once. http://imgur.com/gallery/1sJe4
cat? http://imgur.com/gallery/SHpXSJd
yep. it’s a cat
part of the universe just imploded, I think.
FINALLY I know how that’s done! http://imgur.com/gallery/ynz3p8A (interesting)
legal or illegal http://imgur.com/gallery/cFDdgd9
banana for scale? http://imgur.com/gallery/JRsOB3O
someone just blowin cold air http://imgur.com/gallery/2aI4Vso
science (or just data)

“46-page privacy policy”?! (actually I’m not surprised)

http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2014/11/14/363835596/big-mayo-vs-little-mayo-which-brand-has-egg-on-its-face Apparently the gargantuan food colossus doesn’t like that someone is using the word “mayo” without using actual EGGS in the ingredients; I think they’re saying that in all the dictionaries, part of the ingredients are “eggs.” And this is part of their “reasoning” that these new guys aren’t supposed to be giving them any competition… Well I just wonder in how many of those dictionaries does it necessitate that MONOSODIUMGLUTAMATE; (allegedly); is a “necessary ingredient”?!

http://sciencefriday.com/segment/08/29/2014/electric-bacteria-form-nanowires-shoot-out-electrons.html “I will Terminate you; then I will Terminate your economy; then I will Terminate your…”

I was thinking recently about those grown men (usually black, & usually in the inner cities) who walk around sucking on pacifiers, (which bugged me)… then later I thought about similar guys who wear their pants around the knees, (which bugged
me)… then I wondered if this was an actual psychological retrograde – something like some abused tweens will begin acting like younger children if they can’t cope with what they’re going through. It eased my judgement on them in that it may be an actual attempt at appeasing a too-harsh society.

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