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scrazy at work… one of the measurements I’am to use… ends in “.8 mm” as-in “60.8 millimeters”… this is without the benefit of, say, a magnifying glass.
We also get instruction books to help. Two of the pages are identical & facing each other… but one of them says so-and-so mm; tolerances are: “(+2, -1)” the other page says, so-and-so mm, “(9-12).” It’s nice to know I have a choice of how to do my job, no?

lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NDkVx9AzSY
Conan O’brien http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b82idSYHSu8
gooooooaaalll! http://imgur.com/gallery/VBhj8UR
Graphene aerogel  http://imgur.com/gallery/OrYKFN5
OK what are we looking at here? http://imgur.com/gallery/5NrObuP
art http://imgur.com/gallery/bmqLw
mine http://imgur.com/gallery/ams0Lxr
Chinese Lion Dance! http://imgur.com/gallery/uLm2paK
ninja clam? http://imgur.com/gallery/uLm2paK

Toyota’s Car of the FutureGM circa 1985

lol one of them is Lady Gaga http://imgur.com/gallery/RKDQe
a kid, a dog, a mud puddle http://imgur.com/gallery/hBqHh1d
OMG – Is it “a carbon copy”? http://imgur.com/gallery/biK15y3
if you rebuild it, we will come!!! http://imgur.com/gallery/OspDGKw
never mind (they should’ve all shot at the same time. http://imgur.com/gallery/6IelItX boring.
I sit here http://imgur.com/gallery/H9yznFs
reminds me of Beeblebrox http://imgur.com/gallery/D678uTJ
!!! Professional look-away behind-the-back table tennis point! http://imgur.com/gallery/9lHFf8j
“can you read my lips?” “yep”
ramming-speed-bag http://imgur.com/gallery/Lipwcyr
war http://imgur.com/gallery/Wp8gd3p
neat! http://imgur.com/gallery/dt0xS9e
metallica!? http://imgur.com/gallery/XxMBk8D
dog pool party http://imgur.com/gallery/hNHZuim
lol – “891002 counts of trespassing” (but who’s counting?) http://imgur.com/gallery/TZrnWov

a little advice never goes unused (I tried to word-that uniquely) http://www.blogcdn.com/www.mandatory.com/media/2013/09/tumblrmsiu98mixm1qdlh1io1400.gif

*thank you.