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– superdad!
– walking into wind
need a banana
ummm, ummm… umm.
– the French have a state? Bet it’s in Canada somewhere.
– equity, equality; I doubt it; pitchers usually make wayy more than others  (besides, who paid for the boxes?)
– Professional look-away behind-the-back table tennis point!
“can you read my lips?” “yep”

cute Halloween picture: several kids in plush animal costumes: kid 1 is wondering if this was really a wise choice for a costume, kid 2 is wishing he had half the courage he thought he was gonna get, kid 3 just KNOWS his is the coolest, kid 4 looks like she just got done authoring the Serenity Prayer, kid 5 looks like it’s just hitting him that they mentioned Kermit & him in the same sentence, and kid 6 is totally wanting end this charade.
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