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kids http://i.imgur.com/IPXKhIy.jpg
kids fun! http://imgur.com/gallery/uZWBMr4
lolol…ol…ol..ol http://imgur.com/gallery/LbY9U
Linux http://www.shatters.net/celestia/
Awkward lol http://imgur.com/gallery/fjsyP
TL;JWE http://imgur.com/gallery/fjsyP (too long; just wanna eat)
??????????????????????????????????????????????????? http://imgur.com/gallery/lJPJsrA
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://imgur.com/gallery/AtykS1w
lol http://imgur.com/gallery/53NAGhd
sociologee http://imgur.com/gallery/2pJj0gF
costumes! http://imgur.com/gallery/XhK0I
ever want to pronounce a URL?? “rHkFRGP” http://imgur.com/gallery/rHkFRGP
dang-cool http://imgur.com/gallery/9RcNDlB
puppy http://imgur.com/gallery/Vw8oJzj
dog http://imgur.com/gallery/eE1QC2m
not a land-shark http://imgur.com/gallery/RGcjgSx
…”4 X 0″ http://imgur.com/gallery/yTJJOY3
breaking-up is http://imgur.com/gallery/L5I5HX3

Wow! – TEN-HOURS of walking trimmed-down to a few minutes!?! There must’ve been, like, 100,000,0 good-guys out there she just ignored/dehumanized! I really wonder what would’ve actually happened if she went out & acted like a normal human being!!!

Aaron F. of West Texas A&M University: …The point … is not that ‘compliments are bad’ …  wearing plain clothes” Those are plain clothes?
Tara W. of Laurel, Delaware: “…just plain creepy… following her for five minutes” True. “…wished [f]or a good evening… shouldn’t be included.” True.

funny scary scarecrow? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMMpaMLZxG4

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/nWajxbVv3jM/default.jpg Well this looks good!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWajxbVv3jM Not sure what it’s got to do with the Commercialization of Childhood, but it sure sounds like what’s-up with those big multinational corporations in America.

petition for bullied teen who fought-back & was hospitalized for nine days by multiple attackers https://www.change.org/p/drop-the-assault-charges-against-bullied-teen-eric-martin
Sad thing is probably that these kids are just a reflection of society as a whole; they’re just soaking-in all the latent weaknesses of the adults in the region who are slacking-along – eating their big-macs & buying their Black-Friday bargain-basement bargains and repeating “yep-yep-yep” as their kids are surrepetitiously vaccinated to get onto the school-voucher program.
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