Couple of – we’ll call them “interesting” happenings lately:
A: Went to a church the other day; asked a few questions, got a few … what I’ll call  “answers” (“answers” is kinda a heavy word… how about “data;” as data gets added into an ongoing equation to a question that may never get arrived-at.) Once again, I’m offered reading material, even tho I state that I’ve already got too plenty to read. Anyway, the talking continues till I recieve an even-bigger booklet “to read,” (which will never happen). At this point I forget most of what’s been said. Oh well.

Edit: It doesn’t end there; then I was told I’d be prayed-for. I told them I would prefer that kids who were being used as soldiers & such be prayed-for instead of me. Not-only was this ignored, but I was told my name would be placed on additional prayer-lists. And THAT’s probably when I forgot all the talking.


B: That’s the potatoes; now for the meat… There’ve been some problems nearby, someone comes into where I’m at & informs me; says it’s bad-enough that men are about to stand up & at least one woman is about to call the cops. I don’t think much of it, as I hear about it, it’s already said-and-done. Next night, (or was it THAT night), I’m not feeling well, but am able to work through it without getting sick. That usually doesn’t happen; if I’m feeling that sick, I can usually be found in bed soon thereafter. This gets me thinking… the last time I felt somewhat similar, someone came & killed the preacher at the church I was meeting at! (It’s a fairly-peculiar feeling, [though, in retrospect, I did have a “reason” for feeling that way; so it’s not like the only explanation possible is that I’m psychic, but I have had very-similar feelings at very significant times as well]). So I’m in bed after that weekend of not really worrying about it too much… an hour into sleep, (so I should be fast-asleep) & I wake-up with this god-awful feeling in the pit of my stomach!! The feeling fades fast, and my first thought is to avoid that place for awhile! I laid there awake for the next hour & half trying to desperately get back to sleep so I could figure-out where that feeling came from, (not necessarily to relive that feeling, mind-you; it’s a feeling so twisted & alien, it doesn’t even belong on this earth!)
I did go back there – I figured I had stuff there to do; to protect others at-least.

Edit: I believe cops were called, security tapes were review’d, & people were told not to return.
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