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– Halloween’s (almost) here! http://imgur.com/gallery/8nbcPZD (time to laugh!)
– Canada has a tank? http://i.imgur.com/YLTZyZP.png http://imgur.com/gallery/YLTZyZP
– bullied? http://imgur.com/gallery/uPtjyCM
– home invaded; fixed-it http://imgur.com/gallery/r9Mlpi9
– plot twist: one of them is warming their snack http://imgur.com/gallery/mdA7mKE
– white vs black http://imgur.com/gallery/y9LQKMZ
– lol http://imgur.com/gallery/YZX3A8v (I think I saw them drive by!)
– awwww. AWWWWW! http://imgur.com/gallery/dfjJw4D
– my cat “Snowball”? http://imgur.com/gallery/sVRsGmH
– LAZY WINS! http://cs.txstate.edu/~br02/cs1428/ShortStoryForEngineers.htm
– read all about modern sexology & the law http://imgur.com/gallery/GB7bzR7
– probably the weather http://imgur.com/gallery/1EbmWxP
yep, ebola’s here
– vaccine http://imgur.com/gallery/AKof4wY
– Apostle Paul, “false Christ?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeAMtZJJWkQ
– why Russian bears are big http://imgur.com/gallery/QWqed6v
– cool hot http://imgur.com/gallery/yVocfYt
– it’s called “Fashun” http://imgur.com/gallery/RFe1poU
– xxtreem http://imgur.com/gallery/m09yFoF
– ice challenge http://imgur.com/gallery/aVEsVUQ
– cool molten metal  http://imgur.com/gallery/KFHVnj6
– eeire http://imgur.com/gallery/euzc7Eo
– aww http://imgur.com/gallery/c6QBi9B
– lol http://imgur.com/gallery/WDyiu4L
– skate or die http://imgur.com/gallery/9w7oQdv
– coulda seen this cloud http://imgur.com/gallery/MCet6uE
– “rare footage” “never seen” http://imgur.com/gallery/IJ5aw5W
– free advice http://imgur.com/gallery/OoBBfBq
– eat it raw! http://imgur.com/gallery/1GjeI
– moving day http://imgur.com/gallery/xa8mtTT
– doggy http://imgur.com/gallery/rQlbRs9
– wine country http://imgur.com/gallery/DX7vrvD
– cute nope? http://imgur.com/gallery/FOIyONA

Halloween’s coming… You know this when you see the sexy white skeleton costumes on display.