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Haven’t seen this movie, but it fits right-in with his others!
~Dirty Harry “Go ahead… make me cry.” http://imgur.com/gallery/jymO9I5
cusses too much, but he’s right. http://imgur.com/gallery/m4KhPdw replier is right, but
driver will at least survive til prison.
don’t just feel good, cry http://imgur.com/gallery/G8eWy
LOL LOL LOL adult material http://imgur.com/gallery/5NYAj7Y
interesting, but it forgot plants & boulders!
two ghosts http://imgur.com/gallery/V4vagiX
“Land Sea Deers”? See it hear http://imgur.com/gallery/8Z8LZvL
foxy http://imgur.com/gallery/ePUdURn
cool http://imgur.com/gallery/Lk1c9
ROFL …and the answer is “Sex” (or drugs) http://imgur.com/gallery/srO11QN
Australia’s borders with other countries http://imgur.com/6jwzwTs lol
cat? http://imgur.com/gallery/xfXBelS
lol “Instructions unclear” http://imgur.com/gallery/eqeYJ
My friends Dylan and Bob are thinking about forming a band. I think they’re going to call it Bob Dylan?

Just the facts: When I was real young, I used to think they were called “hang granades.”

I happened to think the other day that “horses torsos” kinda rhymes. (IDKY I didn’t think of this much sooner.)
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