a little bit of everything (more little than everything)

aint sceered http://imgur.com/gallery/qWxds5G
hmm http://imgur.com/gallery/vSUMmNW
scare http://youtu.be/CMMpaMLZxG4
“no” means “no”?!? http://imgur.com/gallery/R4Q0Xhi
a real spiderman? http://imgur.com/gallery/KyJPZf5
THIS IS CHINA!!!! http://imgur.com/gallery/NNZaKz3
A good reason why not to fight: http://imgur.com/gallery/7uRd2mD (You never go full-Kermit!)
A good reason not to do drugs: http://imgur.com/gallery/DbSfu (true, muscles look nice, but everything comes with a price.)

Wasn’t reading very attentively – at first I read “manages dodgy daycare”!

Still watching a “lot” of therapy videos, trying to get a grip on things. Sometimes I think I am making progress; ready to trust somewhat, but part is still afraid, and says it’s dangerous to do so.
One “good” one, (at least part of it) said that “I (he) don’t (doesn’t) have to be a people-pleaser,” which ties into what I heard recently-mentioned elsewhere – that an abused kid will sometimes grow up to seek approval; seeking to please others at the cost of their general safety &/or welfare.
I had an interesting feeling the other day; that, basically, probably came from a place inside that said I was valuable, (even if I was doing little things).

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