here. (I mean “there”)

first go here
then go here (It’s been ten-minutes now & I’ve yet to figure out what “it’s rude to stare and refrain from doing so” means.)

sad / spider
actually looks scarier that way
actually looks scarier that way
cool 4 kids
war – huh!
ROFL I can’t stop watching!!
good luck staying safe with google glass
me too!
Best Costume!!
I’ll take one of each! {{And don’t say “Phrasing!”}}
Someone got an “A minus minus”?
they look so happy
“fashion demon” lol
Don’t judge
Nazi WMP
wondrous virtual reality
know a drummer?

And now for something completely serious:
Ex Pharma Sales Rep

Well that’s it for tonight; I’m tired. A girl asked me how my day was at work, and I said “de-pressed.” I don’t think she got the pun.