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Oy! Those green suits sure don’t leave much to the imagination!

ROFL (that’d explain why he was trying to get out!)
learned in school

I read this about Dyson’s new fan; or, actually, misread it; I thought it said, “More than two of these
were sold in the last four years.” Actually it said, “More than half of these were sold in the last four
years.” (not sure which one is many-more than the other)

And this is why I will never never never never never EVER….

Heard this neat things on NPR – Oops Radiolab
Ben Zimmer on the making of Ted Kaczynski homicidal by using him a guinea pig psychological interrogation testing!

About a post I wrote on Sept 10… “Human beings are a cancer upon Earth.”
I’d also like to say: lots of different species will eat themselves out of a supporting ecosystem. They’re usually only stopped by natural predation, or brought to a slow crawl once the goodies are 99% gone / very difficult to find. You actually find this in many species!

ACE Score – Adverse Childhood Experiences by Vince Felitti (et al?)
I took this test and was fairly surprised to find that I scored pretty-high – especially when the author says that things start getting serious about “four”! I did kinda wonder who grows up without getting spanked, (everyone I knew did; or at least I thought they did). I wonder who grows up without getting berated. It’s a little awakening to start wondering just how much of a bad life I might have had, and to what extent those bad envirotoxic-values were instilled into me. It’s a little depressing to think about that, and a little angering. But all-in-all, I think I’m headed in the right direction; having many more enlightening thoughts & emotions lately!!

It’s always a little depressing to see a girl in a shirt [edit: separate subject], but recently I saw one; so I asked her, “Is that your summer shirt?”
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