Meru #5 (I think it’s #5…)

(I think it’s #5, as-counted per Meru-focused posts.)
In Mr. Tenen’s writings, he once mentioned the beginning of the universe, and before the universe of ebjects was here, there was maybe the ain sof, (I forget what that translates as), but basically he was discussing a cosmic jelly of sorts that had no divisions or distinguishing patterns. I think about this often, and wonder about such conditions.
I thought the other day about deep in the ocean, I think there are places in the water where a temperature-difference may create a pseudo-barrier of sorts, (where even sonar signals reflect). So here we have two instances of the same salt water; only differentiated by a mild temperature difference… While knowing no reason for there to be any temperature differences within an ain sof, it is an interesting thought that something may – just may – develop¬†naturally – even without an inhalation from G-d!

I also remember him saying that there is a traditional saying about the Torah – that “the secret of the universe is in the first letter.” Now not knowing the exact source of this quote I’m not exactly not sure that this is not talking about the Aleph – and not the Bet. Just wondering…

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