Pretty disappointed by AGT outcome… I didn’t think any of the magicians were good-enough for the top-12 – let-alone one winning*; oh well.
(*Sometimes magicians can do tricks that I simply have no clue as how they did it; that’s when it impresses/confounds me, but the tricks the AGT3 did could all be easily explained-away with hardly any skill except talking their way through an act. I did like the pair of magicians inasmuch as they were entertaining while doing the tricks. They got voted out just a little soon. I thought even Smoothini went on too long.)
Anyway, the way I had it figured after the final acts was, (for the top three positions), was:
Quintavius at 33.2%
Emily West at 33.3%
and AcroArmy at 33.4% (being bumped from 3rd to 1st for that last performance; [I was waiting for them to make more use of all the stage, etc., like they did].)
I’d also sya that Wendy Liebman & Dan Naturman went-on far-too-long. And Andrey Moraru had an amazing artistic/athletic show; even if he did mess-up a little a few times – he was still doing really hard stuff in an artistic way!!

long line
rhythmic gymnast?
“not the caped crusader” LOL
lol – couldn’t even knock a towel down!!
lol cute
I don’t even need to say nuthin funny

Have you seen this new Kia commercial? Who the heck sees this ridiculous commercial and says to themselves, “Ooh, Look at all them lights – I just gotta buy me a brand-new Kia.”
Or the new Clavin Klien commercial… the people in separate skyscrapers… listen… if you can smell the other person from another skyscraper – … – sumpin’ rong!!

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