Twas a nice November day today 😦 . But I got a lot done.

Still do a lot of thinking about the universe & spacetime & all that. I don’t know what to write about; you’d think that after a few days I’d have something to say.
I was thinking about the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics & crystals. I guess I’ve proven the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is worng. [sic] {ok read it “wrong” if you must; I digress.} The 2nd Law is postulated on a closed system, and there are no closed systems in this universe – none – zilch. The 2nd law {of a very very very few laws} is just a thought-experiment. It only works until you test it in an actual universe – this one, which is when it fails. Everything is connected to everything else in some way, eventually – it’s a completely-open system. It makes me wonder why of one of the most basic, fundamental laws or precepts of science fail only when tested in reality – what does that really really really say about our so-called “understanding” of reality?? What are we missing-out on?!

I’ve noticed something about working-out & breathing hard – that when you’re done working-out & your breathing becomes slowly more shallow… there comes a point that it seems you must consciously choose your rate of breathing. So it’s not totally an unconsciously automatically-driven machine that you can change when you choose to; there are times when you must choose.

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