“sports”, “a cancer upon Earth”

“Human beings are a cancer upon Earth.” (I believed this as a so-called “Young Adult” [~9-15, as apparently even the library pushes books to.]) I’ve heard it in the big movies “Virus,” & “The Matrix.”
But it seems that for thousands of years, there were societies who did respect things other than themselves & did not grab grab & keep. ‘Course, those societies didn’t have a GM, or a Goldman-Sachs, or a Haliburton-BP-MacClinton.

Once in awhile I watch some sports. One thing I wonder about sports is why so much push towards winning? What I wonder about also includes, “How do you measure yourself against someone else who probably has different ratios of body parts (length of forearm -to- spacing of ligaments), good genes, &/or time spent in training/ignoring interpersonal/societal inadequacies.”

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