nothing new, nothing neat, nothing important.

important – ask your doctor!:
neat –
new –
too funny for earthlings!!!

Just some opining: I’m watching this America’s Got Talent show, and it’s got this dancing couple on there; some thirty-something guy & an 18-y-o girl. And you can tell he’s horn-doggin’ every time he looks at her, (and she just has to stand-there and take-it – I don’t know how)… anyways, it just seems like he’d see that, and stop or something. At-any-rate, it’s just another life-lesson as-seen through another person’s life. Makes you think, “how do we step on other peoples’ toes, and how do we convince ourselves to step back when we’re not what the other person needs?”

cool – Smithsonian Magazine, March 1984 By James R. Chiles “Engineers versus the eons, or How long will our monuments last?”
sciency – I have this labeled “kids” for some reason. I’m thinking I was gonna show it to some younger kids & have them guess what’s going on to make that water go sideways. I’m thinking that’s what I was thinking. Though I’m not sure if I was gonna talk about trick photography or centrifugal force or what… I’ll have to think on it. In the mean-time, you can do that too.

If you haven’t found these yet, they look useful:
 Gray’s Anatomy – 40th Edition (2008)
 Human Physiology (Wikipedia)

moar gifs:
cool pronounciashuns
seems legit, looks new too
F vs C: solved.
Canada stuff
sudden violence
“10” for distance!
“my wife went back to school…” LOL
“subterranean dog discovered”
ewww – Barbie w/o makeup!!
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