An important revelation!!!! (Revisited, again)

Tue. Sept. 2

Forgot some related info about feeling a little better; about hanging-out with other-types… the types who may drink & smoke, & cuss in front of kids while apologizing for cussing in front of kids, (but not while drinking and smoking; drinking-&-smoking at the same time is pretty hard; let-alone cussing-while-drinking, eh).

Anyways, sitting there, as usual, wishing they wouldn’t be drinking & smoking & cussing in front of kids, and I kinda came to some peace about it; I know I have my struggles in this world, I figured maybe they have theirs too, (in fact I figured they probably do)… so I figured that since they’re going through their own struggles, that I could be fairly fine with respecting how they’re doing.

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Quick edit: also feeling additional good “tertiary” mental changes; feeling well-enough to not be so immediately-judgemental about little pet-peeves that for decades would bother me, (in fact, some such thoughts have turned 180-degrees).
And this could be some secondary changes in taking-in more fruits & vegetables. As Tony Wright would say that: You can’t expect to build a healthy brain with unhealthy foods.
And I was hoping for some improvements in cognition & such. (And I have been evading McD’z pretty-well… been looking into some of their non-foods wrapped-up inside their food packages & sold-as food & what-not!)

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(Another quick edit:)

I’d say my morale is about an 8/10, which is a long-way to go when you’re on a logarithmic scale, but at-least I’m headed in the right direction!!

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edit: 9-6-’14 I was laying in bed [is it laying or lying? I think it’s ‘lying’ – dang syntax.] So I’m lying there, thinking, “I feel lighter!” And so I’m wondering how this is possible, and I turn my attention to my back against the bed – the somatosensory/haptic feeling, (whichever scientific word that is), and, “no,” I still feel heavy there… and then it dawns on me – it must be internal tension that has eased! Nice.
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