An important revelation!!!! (Revisited)

It’s been a week, now; and masturbation/fantasies are still much affected.

My lifelong struggles of feeling at ease in social situations has gone from about 15% of what I was hoping for to about 25%.

There has been a little backsliding, as usual; quick, large gains are met with some amount of sliding back into the daily habit of thought & deed. That being said, I’m still impressed with the amount & quality of the progress. I feel much more at ease, forgiving, open, & balanced; (all this in the face of a planet full of murderous-psychopathic-sociopathic rulers, warlords, & banksters pushing others into debt, servitude, & prison-labor camps, [no, not camping]).

Part of the problem I have may be in that I was awestruck by the lightning strike, so-to-speak, forgetting the initial conditions & thoughts leading up to the revelation that may’ve been important. So I’ll have to go back a week and see if I can get some more of the gestalt of it.
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