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Found this last night… http://news4themasses.wordpress.com/2012/08/12/chuck-missler-is-amiss/#comments

I think the page author mistook someone’s touching-on a subject as a heavy dependence. I don’t think Stan is relying heavily on the supposedly-evil Kaballa.

So I’m wanting to put a little defense in for Mr. Tenen in that to be “fair and square,” as the saying goes, I don’t think Stan is a Kabbalist as-much as a mathematician who’s willing to get some needed clues from Kaballa in trying to piece-together a new long-forgotten fabric*. I sometimes wonder why people who are so-into the Bible don’t get to the original original writings (Torah).

(edit Aug 25: *He even admitted to reading the green-ink writings of people who claimed to have been up in UFOs)

And yes, Marion August 13, 2012 at 9:48 am, I thought I was just seeing things when I saw his eyes! But alas, the eyes are not actually windows to a soul.

So much hate and fear on that web page. [edit Aug 25: OK maybe more fear than hate.]

You’d think it would sink-in that God had already “won the war” 2000 years-ago & that it was okay to relax & be thankful & forgive & such; theoretically.

And I still keep wondering, why-oh-why call him “Jesus”? (Because it sounds more like Je-Zeus!?) Why not call him what his mother & father called him?!

Also Stan does warn that there are large dangers (Dictator-like?) in using/misusing Kabbalstic meditations; it is said to be a direct link between mind & matter, (& I’m not sure what those meditations are in relation to the text/singing of the Torah.)

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