miscellaneous minutia

IDK, I miss my old site. It was useful, fun, the give-&-take help & all that (many are sorely-missed). But then they changed the EULA, & I couldn’t agree to the legal ramifications. And I didn’t feel like writing-up my own 86-page tome for their legal department to scour, so I just let it be. (It’s not just that, but I thinking it’s pretty obvious they tried to butter-one-up in some parts of the agreement while they ‘took’ with other parts; sad.) I left the site with useful discussions hanging in limbo & thanks left unsaid.

BRB… (R.R.-break)

Don’t know if these are SFW or not; I just thought they were worth sharing. (LOL)

g.f. http://giphy.com/gifs/aFeSugu7fd67e

Skate or die http://giphy.com/posts/please-please-please-do-not-attempt-this-while-skateboarding

Cubic surrealism http://imgur.com/gallery/sA7rP7L

Military practice http://imgur.com/gallery/fon4d

Step this way http://imgur.com/gallery/5hvY88X

Flawless logic http://imgur.com/gallery/ylrCcgY

Gaza boy http://imgur.com/gallery/rHwVlTY

They see me rollin’ http://imgur.com/gallery/iFI9fJE

Grab your purse!! http://imgur.com/gallery/2yMul

Golf http://imgur.com/gallery/IoSnQd9

4 lag bolts & two-by-SIXES?? http://imgur.com/gallery/Fi6lI

Whammo! http://imgur.com/gallery/8SQ5ztJ ROFL

Cupid speaks http://imgur.com/gallery/F239F2r

Invisible http://imgur.com/gallery/p2XWmwy

“Pointing-out why the pretty lady got the ball?” http://imgur.com/gallery/HvJuHGV

Naked girlfirend http://imgur.com/gallery/L5Etj4W

The UN & peace http://imgur.com/gallery/xdQPwzp

jus keepin it real http://giphy.com/gifs/tkX8cvF2o9RD2

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