subconscious dream

Didn’t intend on writing about dreams here, but here’s part of a recent dream; cuz I was trying to direct my subconscious in positive ways:
I’m in H.S., and I’m about to start class, but I figure I’ve got time, [not really, but], to go to the rest-room before it starts. So I go, and deal with the bullies – the riff-raff & such as usual, and I get to class & try to sit down without making a ruckuss & so I sit down okay, and then I notice that I’m in the wrong class; d’oh. So I’m sitting there thinking I’m so stupid & worthless & such; & the teacher (who’s kinda hot, btw) walks up to me and quietly calls me by name, and says, “You’re a God-send.”
And I was just-about floored – I was feeling like I’d better kneel-down before I fall-down! And I was thinking, “that’s just the nicest-thing a teacher’s ever said to me!”
[Where’s the dream-corder when you need one??]
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