Daily Prompt – Writing Space


I was thinking about mentioning this recently; as just the other day I was reading, & there was this cricket sitting just outside the door literally grating my inner ears with its violin-like [read: Devil-like*] screaching scratchings.
So here I was with all these words bouncing & bounding around in my head, and this noisy-cricket competing with them, and I was really trying to give them both their due-diligence, when something occurred to me – it said, “What’s that?” After a second or two, I recognized it as me; between the incoming literary intel & the cricket’s audio-wavefront, there was my mind, already sitting there.
 Whereas before, I did much better in quiet, I took this as one small step in being able to concentrate better even if the outside world doesn’t stay quiet for me!

[*there is a reason the violin is said to be played by the devil – and that reason is that the violin sounds more like twenty cats being dragged across a chalkboard than any musical instrument being caressed.]
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