Finally… “My Web Page” (This is the web – right?)

I’ve been promising myself for years that I’d have my own web page (after Geocities got crushed).

I wrote & saved here and there: here we go….

“So, brave knights, if you doubt your courage or your …oh you know the quote.”

Others have named their page…


so I guess I’ll have to settle for…


(Or something like that)

“FAMILY / SOCIETY” section

” ‘The goal of forgiveness is restoration and reconcilliation of the relationship. If reconcilliation does not take place, we do not have completed forgiveness…but frustrated forgiveness.'” (I think I got that quote right, but I forget who it’s from)

Forgiveness is not about feeling nice and at peace; (for the forgiver). It is the responsibility one takes upon one’s self for the ill one has suffered, in order to free your offender, and repair the relationship. It is not about happy feelings. It is actually quite sad – at first; and should be quite difficult. If you do not feel the weight of that transgression both times, then it’s not forgiveness. You do not ‘forgive’ a friend after learning that they had a reason for missing an appointment. Nor does one ‘forgive’ a friend after a fight, saying, “we’ve both wronged each other; I guess we’re even.” Forgiveness evens the score before things are tallied up, and you know you’ve got the short end of the stick. It is a committment one makes to another who does not, at that time, deserve it.

I recently heard the term “multi-generational family.” phhhhttt! This is how things have normally been for 99.9876% of human history. They didn’t have a “special/specific” name for it; that’s just how it was – how it was meant to be!

“In terms of my work, I’ve got a pretty cold honest eye.” ~Beatrice “Bebe” Neuwirth (played Dr. Lilith Krane on Cheers) Why is “honesty” equated with “coldness,” “aloofness” or “separateness”?? Why not have a warm, honest eye? 🙂 (What’s that American-Indian concept of …is it the “one eye of the heart”?)

“…the very education given in ‘Catholic’ schools encourages the youngest children to commit mortal sins (such as masturbation) which will send them to Hell forever!” [How utterly repulsive that the religio-mythos of touching one’s self will supposititiously condemn one to hell!! … I can’t “touch myself” … I AM myself!!! I’m not arguing semantics. I’m emphasizing an obvious reality – that my body is mine. And I reserve all of its/my rights to it/me; (and “our” rights if I invite another to enjoy it/me as well.)]


  • If you have five people, tie yourselves together at the waist, and dress up as a big old scary skinny wrinkly hand with long fingernails and sneak up behind people and scare the hell out of them when as they turn around you “grab” them!)
  • If you have four-or-more people who want to go as one costume, go as one of those Chinese New-year dragons. The parents can follow along and bang on cymbals and light firecrackers.
  • “the Invisible Man”: from a fishing-pole, hang a hat, shades, a tank-top, shorts and shoes (and a “Happy Halloween sign/bag for candy). Simply stand to the side of a door and lift up the fishing pole so that it’s not obvious at first glance what the set-up is.
  • Attach four helium balloons to the top of a kite (no, not the bird). Go as Ben Fanklin. (Don’t let the kite go too high – watch out for power lines!)





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