“Daily Prompt: My ‘Favorite Mistake’?” (Nope)

My ‘Favorite Mistake
“…a mistake you’ve made that turned out to be a blessing…” What a great idea to work with!
…processing…processing… “negatory.” I got nothing; isn’t that terrible? Does that mean I’m too shallow? Does it mean I’m too close-minded? Too… stupid? Too… “what,” exactly?
Truth-is, I probably did have one; I hope. I’ve probably even written about such things, but have them mentally-labelled “something-else.”
Or I’m just hoping to write something astoundingly awesome & I’m overlooking some mediocre stuff or embarrassing stuff for-sure, but ” a blessing”??

I have mistakes that I re-run many times; make me feel dumb &/or self-centered, (“can you restart the race for me?”).[Insert stifling “dumb feelings” … and forgive me if I’ve misspelled “stifling;” it’s a word I don’t think I’ve ever used or even seen printed.]

But I read a lot of psychology, and I start to form alternate views & insights of my thoughts. I slowly grow a broader picture of what I’ve been missing. So if it happened today, maybe I would react in a more positive manner; or at-least quicker. I find myself making fewer negative assumptions about others, (or at-least remembering fewer, anyway). (And negative assumptions works its way into how to deal with mistakes or perceived-mistakes.)

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