♫ “Coulda been the caffeine the caffeine…” ♫

Couldn’t get to sleep last night… having too mwny thoughts that seemed to be worthy of writing down. Of course,

♫ “Coulda been the caffeine the caffeine…” ♫

(SRSLY, don’t listen to that song; it’s wayyy toooo repetative!)[or am I thinking of that new Nickelback “I got a thing going-on with Mary Jane” keh, either-one…don’t bother looking them up.]

Or it coulda been just good thoughts… Anyway here’s some of what I wrote down….

“Now is important, but not the end. Bad times may have a purpose.” I keep thinking of The Power of Now, I think it’s a very powerful mindset. Bet I was just having thoughts coming from a story of someone coming through something bad to see the good in themselves.

“Indian aloof, robust.” Remembering a documentary about how Native Americans were poorly-portrayed in American film. One of the clips shown was a cartoon of a huge Indian walking toughly, pushing-over tree-after-tree. It was said the braves were aloof, (I know that’s not the word they used). Then it kinda dawned on me that that’s part of how we show our heroes in the movies nowdays: Rambo-ish, (but with useless witty one-liners.)

“All thought is metaphor; nothing experienced escapes interpretation & comparison.”

“Subconscious assumptions: the pegs of past thoughts by-which we string & steer our values, memories, & viewpoints.” Trying to change & use subconscious processes/thoughts, I remember a quote about thinking: “A conclusion is the point where we stop thinking,” (or something like that.)

breathe: [I remember a lady calling into a JFK-investigation show, she said “I can breathe now.” {This was 2013!}] My new thought: “breathe joy;” (will there be an epigenetic effect?) (Yes, there are scientific studies of joy.)

“how I feel” : “how” = logic, “I” = left-brain ego (logic), “feel” = right-brain emotion. “How I feel” “should-not-compute” so easily.

“Email order brides” Whoops – how did this get in there??? Oh-yeah – this was just a neat-looking documentary on my watch-list. Quickly-now – what do we have next, here: “Who in our past do we hate?”

“Who in our past do we hate? What about them do we hate? What similarities lie within us?” Too-many-times I find that my deep hates & entrenched prejudices are pretty-easily changed when I can get in to them & see that it was just a quick defense I adopted when I was young. It’s neat to see how easily things could’ve went either way.

“Subconscious: What do I deserve, as a positive outlook?” (Again, Trying to change & use subconscious processes/thoughts) “Respect-from”; but more than that – I need to take responsibility for valuing myself. Otherwise all the fame in the world will fall on a deaf soul.

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