Some errant thoughts:

Some errant thoughts:

I was reading something that “encouraged” me to think about rights. So here’s what I came up with so far: “A right is something YOU make, a privilege is given (& able to be taken-away).”

Make decisions. Make a million decisions a day as to what you think & how you feel. Stop just going with the old assumptions & autopilot. Question your questions & explore your own mind.

Changes people make growing-up:  Think you know someone? Think you know someone really well? Think they’ll never change? Rethink that. Look much closer and I think you’ll see that they have changed in important ways, but you’ve held-on to the old nic-naks of their personality to see; you see too much of yourself in them – chances-are, it’s those things in yourself that haven’t changed!

I heard it said once that there are double-negatives that change to positives, but no double-positives that mean a negative. Then I heard one answerer who said, “Yeah, right!” [Though, its the sarcasm that shows a negative attitude.] (saw it here too: )

I believe I mentioned this recently. I think this is the link.

I met a very-pretty lady recently! I think I will court &/or woo her. Her name is Sabine Peltier (What a pretty name, eh?)[*Name has been changed to protect the innocent, LOL.]

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