Clyde Lied (or “Politics, Religion, and Birds”)

“Clyde Lied” I wish there were a way to make that more prominent, instead of “clydelied.”

snob: I keep remembering a lady who went thought a Near-Death Experience, saying that, before-that, she was pretty-much a snob, (or something like that), when it came to listening to orchestras; she would be critical of any little mistake any one of the musicians made.  Her admission keeps coming back to haunt me. I’m too willing to be critical of those little missteps in life as-well.

I missed my chance to predict that all the big “news” agencies would “miss” the May 20th something on “pope francis on trial for child trafficking.”  And here I was going to talk-down to them; calling CBS News “CBSnooze.”

I recently heard it mentioned that when people try to draw the face, they mess-it-up because they fail to recognise that the eyes, (they said, “are always”), exactly at the mid-point on the head. I’ve just saw some people whose eyes were definitely-not (shorter foreheads). It just makes me wonder why, if evolution were true [big-if, I know], and humans put so-much information into reading other peoples emotions through their faces, why wouldn’t this billboard-of-a-forehead be used more than just a few wrinkles (seldomly) wandering about the forehead in confusion (to borrow a bit from Douglas Adams). [“The little waiter’s eyebrows wandered about his forehead in confusion.” ~Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe ]

Sometimes I feel like cussing. Once-in-awhile it comes-to “God-dammit,” (like when I have to get out of bed every-dang-day). Then I wonder, “did I just take God’s name in vain?” Then I think, well, no; not really. I heard some ‘preacher’ on tv say, “yes, it is.” I’ve always wanted to correct him on that. “No, God’s name is not God!” [And Jesus’ name wasn’t Jesus!!]

(The bird is going-ape out front here. Very distracting.)

Two phrases I was hoping to make-it through life without ever-having-used:
“Learn to drive, horse” [sic]
“I was trying to think of what I was trying to think.” [sic]

Just a quick thought about tornado-aftermath helping at night: Is there anyone who is a DIY-er here who knows, would it be easy to run-down to the car-parts shop & grab a head-light & a motorcycle battery to use as a big flashlight?

After it being too-quiet in here for awhile, I wondered where my balloon was; you see, I bought a helium-filled ballon, and have it weighted-down just-enough that it doesn’t float to the ceiling; so it just floats-around, showing all the usual air currents.

(c) 2014