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To: Obama:
I recently heard you on “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me,” the funny NPR news/quiz-show. (Sat. May 19?) http://www.npr.org/player/v2/mediaPlayer.html?action=1&t=1&islist=false&id=313186092&m=313432311&live=1
I am not trying to be negative; I am only trying to be truthful & insightful.
I noticed your last-second remark fall on deaf-ears.
I know why it fell on deaf-ears…
People everywhere [everyone] are sick-and-tired of all your lies & wars & bullshit [that’s one word, there].
So when you get-done with your usual/necessary political drivel, (even drivel cleverly-disguised in a “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me,” skit), that’s your zero-sum; and anything you really personally may want to add to that is immediately noticed by everyone to be personal – they all did recognise that. But… evidentially, no one cares any more about your useless, maladapted personal-beliefs/wants/lies. Sorry; that’s just the way it is. You lie twice, and “your-personal-truth” goes down with them.
Now shape-up and start leading or get out of the way!!
(P.S. I used-to believe in you.)
& There was a pretty-funny quip on that show about a hand or something!!

The internet is abuzz about a new “world’s-fastest-camera.” I guess it takes a million-photots-a-second. Scientists are looking-forward to the future-N-year when they will be able to take photos of this camera’s actual shutter in action itself – with a generation-R camera(!); they will-have been beaten by future-N-years-past by Billy-Bob Hillbilly and his million-image-per-second camera and his trusty mirror. lol

A lot of people mistakenly-think that I walk a lot. They often ask me, “How do you walk that far?” I’ve never actually answered that directly… so, here is how I walk that far: I place one foot in front of the other, and repeat steps 1-2 until I get-there. Fini. (It also gives me a lot of time to think!)

[OK so there’s nothing about religion in here… but the day’s not done.]

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