first post: stuff (literally)

As agreeged, this here content ain’t necessarily pornographic, it don’t has threats neither/or “incite” “violins,” and, unforunately does not cross “the” privacy or publicity-rights of any third, fourth, or birthday party.

I do a lot of arguing, and, having taken (somewhat) an official course on argument theory, so I do a lot of Reductio ad Hitlerum. (jk)

I read a lot of science-stuff; almost anything ending in -ology.

I propose the “loopy” NASCAR-race be replaced with a linear 500-mile race!
And the kicker is that the pit-crew has to keep-up too!!

leaning-back in chair [addition to the web site “Do This Now”]
I was leaning back in my chair. It was near the wall so I wasn’t going to fall-over, and I got-to trying to fine-tune balance it by leaning my head back, and as it got closer and closer to the tipping-point, it was a really-neat feeling that I got it so close to balancing that for a full second or-so, it felt like I was hovering.
Difficulty-level: 5
Fun-level: 6.5

Don’t use “bouncy-baby” chairs. I heard, once, that babies NEED this time to strengthen their brain/body balance & coordination abilities!

Was thinkin, the other day, after reading about a kids’ philosophy class, “How-long is ‘forever’?” And at-first, I thought, “‘Forver’ is the time it takes for everything to change into it’s opposite, and then back-again.”
And then I thought… “…change twice…”
Then I thought, well that’s taking it too far.
But then I thought, well, no that’s not out-of-the-ballpark; electrons are said to have 720° spins. [edit: Actually I think my first thought was, “‘Forver’ is the time it takes for everything to happen that is ever going to happen.”]

I used to be a good athlete, so I’m sensitive to their faults & abilities & possibilities; I wonder every once-in-awhile about athletes who get to the top of the heap, stay for awhile, then quit. (It reminds me of Seinfeld quitting Seinfeld.) I always wondered if they really loved the game so much, why not stay & play – even till they get so old that a few players get better than them; and further-still, until all the players on their team are better than them… as-long as they’re making a better-contribution than any other hopeful that tried-out, then stay & play!!
But giving-up early is giving-up on the team & the fans, [who shouldn’t be wasting their time & money & taxes sitting on their butts anywho], and giving-up on themselves.
I dub this trait, “the cap-out,” (yep – kinda like a “cop-out”).

I was watching a triathlon once, and there was this lady cyclist passing another lady pretty-quickly – and I was thinking, “that’s pretty-good for their level of fitness.”
And right-then, another lady came-up and passed the other one even-faster!!
And I was like, “That’s the sexiest-thing I have ever saw in my life!!!” [I’m wrong, of course, but that’s what I thought at the time.]

Was walking late-at-night one night, out in the foggy-countryside where/when I’d never walked before. And I heard this sound like a big buck huffing &/or puffing out in the field, but close to the road. I didn’t think too much of it, as I was close to a big river where he might drown, so I didn’t think he’d want to be too-close to a river in the dark anyway, so I kept walking. A minute later, I heard what I immediately-thought was a ten-foot-wolf begin to growl!! I nearly jumped straight-outa my shirt!
And then it dawned on me that it was some kinda automatic air-pump.

I was traveling past an astronaut camp, (or something like that; yes, I imagine-it to be much-like a “band-camp,” except that the instruments are played by astronauts.) ROF (NL, JROF)

As my first “Web link,” I give you this: “sideview mirror with no blind spots”
My first quote will be: “Presidents don’t have power, their purpose is to draw attention away from it.” ~Zaphod Beeblebrox?s, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (movie ~2005)

But my main reason for starting this blog is so I can talk about my thoughts on the [ 51%-mathematical / 49%-“religious” ] work of Stan Tenen’s Meru Foundation. I find it to be fascinating-beyond anything previously found in my muliple-decades of searching.
So I will try to share some of my untrained/mathless mind on this subject in hopes to help someone somewhere; maybe that person is you.


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